Mark Armstrong







Mark Armstrong

Mark Armstrong

Harrisville, NH


I specialize in humorous illustration. I've been a full-time commercial illustrator for almost 25 years.

I'm open to commissions: caricatures, inside jokes, something personal. Just drop me an email to discuss.

I went thru a period where I experimented a lot with photo-illustration. You'll find some in my galleries. I enjoyed it, but decided it's not for me. My work is much stronger when I draw every element in an illustration.

I was a math major in college. I taught school, worked in a bank, and did systems analysis at an insurance company before making the jump to commercial illustration.

I live in southwestern New Hampshire, USA, in a little town of about a thousand people. Great place to live if you like to bike, hike, chop wood, and shovel snow.

Thanks for your interest. I invite you to take a look at some of my work.


New York Comic Con 2012 by Mark Armstrong


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Lizzie Borden by Mark Armstrong


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Arnold and The Terminators by Mark Armstrong